Tip #1: Plant a Garden

If you’re looking for a fun summer activity that gets your family outside, try planting a garden or growing some plants!

  1. Let your kids help you pick out a plant.
    To make this an activity fun for the whole family, take your little ones with you to the store. Let them each pick something to plant. If necessary, give them a budget to follow. You can find plants for $5-10 each at your local garden shop!
  1. Let your kids help you plant the plants.
    When you get home, invite your kids to participate in the planting process. If you’d like, you can buy some kid-safe gardening tools at the shop. Don’t forget the gloves! 
  1. Let your kids take care of the plants.
    Let your kids help you water and prune the plants throughout the summer. Caring for the plants will teach them responsibility and give them the fun of watching something grow!

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